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Billy 'Big Bang' Blitz
Billy Blitz




SpaceMouse's Mugen


The Clash at Demonhead

Billy 'Big Bang' Blitz is the hero of the video game The Clash At Demonhead. He is armed with his trusty firearm, special weapons, and special suits.

In M.U.G.E.N, he was made by SpaceMouse.


SpaceMouse's version is a four button fighter with two physical attack buttons, a shot button, and a dedicated super button. He has limited ammo for his special weapons, which regenerate over time. He has eight supers, but which one he gets is chosen randomly upon use, making them unreliable. SpaceMouse's version is also notable for having over 125 custom intros, for both characters and creators alike. The reason for this is due to the game frequently interrupting the player with dialogue boxes during special events. All of the character intros feature special art for the character Billy is talking to. Like most SpaceMouse characters, his AI is rather aggressive, although toned down from SpaceMouse's previous characters.


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