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Fushigi Boshi No Futago Hime GYU!

Bibin is the primary antagonist of Fushigi Boshi No Futago Hime Gyu (but not the real villain). She appears after Edward was defeated. Her role is to collect unhappy fruits, so she can be promoted into a evil queen. In order to do so, she must spread unhappy seeds which will suck people's unhappiness and then sprout the unhappy fruits which she needs. After failing two times, she revives Edward as her servant and give him the nickname "Edochin". Despite this, Bibin's tactics always fail in the end. She appears also as playable character in Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams.

In M.U.G.E.N, Bibin has been made by Toshio.

Toshio's VersionEdit


It's the default version of Bibin, she wears a light purple dress (CPU palette in Magical Chaser) and only have moves of her original incarnation. Though she still have some custom features like voices and a taunt.

Toshio's Version (+)Edit


It's a version of Bibin which have custom content like new moves, intros and new poses. She wear a dark purple dress (default palette).


  • Aside her original moves she have:
  1. Fake Dance (She'll dance and may automatically counter if the p2 attacks, though it don't work against projectiles, throws and supers.
  2. She have a Air Moon Glider.
  3. She have new kicks for ground, crouch and air.
  4. She have her uppercut as a separate move from her Bibin Bui Bui.
  5. Her new supers are Super Bibin Bui Bui, Bibin Attack, Bibin Ranbu and Grand Universal Princess Bibin (lv3).
  • Her walk back is different.
  • She have new dash attacks with kicks.

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