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Artwork from Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle



Oldest version

MugenMundo's version

Newest version

Shinra Production's version (2017)


Dragon Ball

Beerus, also known as Lord Beerus or God of Destruction Beerus, is the God of Destruction of Universe 7, with a similar appearance to a sphynx cat, playing an important role in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and reappearing in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F and Dragon Ball Super. He's accompanied by his attendant Whis. He's very short-tempered and only the slightest annoyance will cause him to destroy the planet he's currently on.

After awakening from a 39-year long slumber, he comes to King Kai's planet to learn about the 'Super Saiyan God he dreamed of and encounters Goku there. Goku had no idea about the Super Saiyan God transformation. Beerus then travels to earth to ask Vegeta and the other Saiyans on Earth, interrupting Bulma's birthday party. After discovering Vegeta knew nothing about it either, Goku used the seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron, who explained how to activate the Super Saiyan transformation. Goku successfully transformed and the two engaged into a battle. After the battle went on for long enough, Goku forfeited and Beerus returned to his own planet.

In M.U.G.E.N, Beerus has been made by various creators.

RAHLONNIR's version


This version of Beerus definitely holds up to his name, with very high comboability, fast attacks, a high damage output, Hypers with long range and a very brutal A.I., defeating inexperienced players in a breeze. This might make him a little too cheap though.

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