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Batman as he appears in Injustice 2




Alucard's version
Acey's version
Spiderbat & Friends' version
Red Hood's version
The Heartburn Kid's version
Cybaster's version



Batman is a famous DC superhero from the DC comics. Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist who lives in Gotham City, where he fights off the villains which live there. One of these villains he goes against the most is The Joker. Batman is also one of the founders of the Justice League.

In M.U.G.E.N, Batman was made by many creators, such as Alucard, Acey and Cybaster.

Alucard's version

Char batman

Batman is a challenging opponent, as his A.I. makes good use of all his abilities, and can combo multiple attacks together to deal massive damage. He has standard health and defence, and is advised that inexperienced players should not play against this Batman until they have got to grips with the engine.

One unique feature about Batman is when he is put up against Kal-Elvis's Superman, Logansam's Superman, or Seth Zankuten's Superboy, he will wear a special Kryptonite ring to his right hand which will cause extra damage to them if he hits them with his right hand. Other attacks won't have the same effect.

As well as this, Alucard's Batman also has four unique palettes which affect his gameplay style, these palettes are...

  • The Infiltration Suit: A costume based on the one Batman wore in Batman Beyond. The suit gives Batman the ability to become invisible making it harder for opponents to find Batman and gives him the new hyper "Bat-tle Armor".
  • Batzarro: A twisted doppelgänger of Batman in the same vein as Bizarro, the doppelgänger of Superman. Unlike Batman, Batzarro uses a large steel chain and a gun as both a weapon and a grappling hook, and several pistols. One major change to Batman's gameplay style is that all his special and hyper attacks are changed to fit Batzarro's fighting style.
  • Kryptonite Batman: Where Batman wears a Kryptonite suit, causing him to glow green. When in this mode, you will gain a new super move "Kryptonite Twilight". Also, when going against Kal-Elvis Superman, Logansam's Superman, or Seth Zankuten's Superboy, they will recieve massive amounts of damage from Batman's physical attack putting them at a major disadvanatge.
  • Knight Shadow: simply a palette edit of the Infiltration Suit using the same moves and abilities.


Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Batarangs QCF Button-xyz/Button-abc ProjAirok
Name Command Input Properties
Nightstalker RDP Button-xyz
Name Command Input Properties
Batbolas RDP Button-abc
Name Command Input Properties
Batbombs QCB Button-abc
Name Command Input Properties
Grappling Hook DP Button-abc Aironly
Name Command Input Properties
Airborne Grappling Hook DP Button-xyz Aironly
Name Command Input Properties
Bat Kicks HCB Button-abc
Name Command Input Properties
Dark Knight Combo QCB Button-xyz
Name Command Input Properties
Gun Shoot QCF Button-xyz Proj
Batzarro mode only
Name Command Input Properties
Batzarro Bolas RDP Button-xyz Batzarro mode only
Name Command Input Properties
Smoke Bomb DP Button-abc Batzarro mode only
Name Command Input Properties
Batzarro Chain QCB Button-xyz Batzarro mode only
Name Command Input Properties
Airborne Batzarro Chain DP Button-xyz Aironly
Batzarro mode only
Name Command Input Properties
Chain Meets Gun DP Button-xyz Batzarro mode only
Name Command Input Properties
Batzarro Kick HCB Button-abc Batzarro mode only


Name Command Input Properties
Bat Swarm QCF Button-xyz2 Uses 1000 power
Name Command Input Properties
Urban Legend QCB Button-abc2 Uses 1000 power
Name Command Input Properties
Crime Alley Vengance QCF Button-abc2 Uses 1000 power
Name Command Input Properties
Bat-tle Armor QCB Button-xyz2 Infiltration Suit/Knight Shadow only
Uses 1000 power
Name Command Input Properties
Kryptonite Twilight QCB Button-abc2 Kryptonite only
Uses 1000 power
Name Command Input Properties
Heavy Hitter QCF Button-xyz2 Batzarro mode only
Uses 1000 power
Name Command Input Properties
The Batmobile QCB Button-xyz2 Uses 2000 power
Name Command Input Properties
The Batmen (Z)Button-z+(C)Button-c Uses 3000 power


  • When playing as or against Alucard's Batman and winning the round using the Urban Legend hyper, the opponent will be tied up and the background will show the Bat signal. The screen will remain this way for a few seconds as part of the hyper move, but the game isn't actually frozen.
  • If Kryptonite Batman is against Superman or Superboy and they are teamed up with someone else who would normally not be effected by the Kryptonite will now become effected and will recieve massive amounts of damage from Batman's physical attacks.


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