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Axel Stone
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Chonwang, Actarus


[1] Chonwang's Version

[2] Actaru's Version


Streets of Rage

Axel Stone is the main character from the Sega Videogame Streets of Rage. In M.U.G.E.N, he was made by several creators, including Chonwang, Actarus, Splode, D-Cat, and Blackjack.

Actarus's VersionEdit

This version of Axel is another of the terrible characters by Actarus. His Sprites are garbled, bad sounds, strange attacks and bloated stats, making him hard to take down. He is the vessel for all of Shazzo's creations and the crappy Peter Griffin and Bender

Chonwang's VersionEdit

A better version of Axel Stone has been made by Chongwang. His Sprites comes from Streets of Rage 2. He plays like a traditional Beat-Em-Up character instead of a fighter. He can pick up weapons, use power moves at the cost of life, and even comes with the intro and ending ripped straight out of Streets of Rage 2.

Splode's VersionEdit

Splode's version also uses sprites from Streets of Rage 2. He plays more conventional compared to Chon Wang's version.

Blackjack's VersionEdit

Blackjack's version uses sprites from Streets of Rage 3. He's of pretty mediocre quality, as he feels stiff and is unable to attack when ducking.

Videos Edit

A Video of the Better Axel
A Video of actarus Axel
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