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This subpage contains any edits of Adamskie's version of Axel Hawk. What is listed here is limited to what the edits change, meaning information should not be duplicated from the article about the original version outside of the idle animation and portrait, even if they haven't changed.

R@CE @KIRA's edit

Axel_Hawk (Axel_Hawk)
Character portrait


R@CE @Kira






R@CE edited Adamskie's Axel Hawk, making it into a more custom style. He included a ReadMe, but the coding doesn't credit him. The character can still Crawl, but has several added features. The moveset has been changed entirely, with Chain Comboing, a Power Charge, a Roll and a knockback attack (akin to The King of Fighters), a Forward Dash, several new moves including both Specials and Hypers, and a Super Jump were all added. The Hypers all take up Power instead of low Life.

R@CE's take on Axel is not without its blemishes. Its Talking Shit attack involves Axel stunning the foe with an uppercut, taunting them while they are stunned and punching them. The problem is that it will taunt and throw the punch no matter if the uppercut connected or not, leaving it open to attacks. Two Hypers, Bust U Up and Whirlwind Breaker use 2000 Power if there is 2000+ Power in the gauge, but if there is less, the moves will take up 1000 Power instead. The Talking Big Shit attack uses 2000 Power initially, but during the move Axel will throw a punch that costs 1000 Power. This means that if it connects, it costs 3000 Power, but if it is blocked or whiffs, it will only cleave off 2000 Power from the boxer's Power gauge.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.

Original names, activation methods and properties for moves that have been modified are faded. Only animations that have changed are shown. Moves that have only been renamed are not listed.

Modified Specials

Name Command Input Properties
Smash Bomber QCB (X)Button-x or (Y)Button-y
[ DB ] Button-F (X)Button-x or (Y)Button-y
Distance of punch varies with button pressed
Name Command Input Properties
Axel Dance DP (X)Button-x or (Y)Button-y
(X)Button-x (X)Button-x (X)Button-x or
(Y)Button-y (Y)Button-y (Y)Button-y
Speed of punches varies with button pressed
Axel runs forward instead of standing while punching

Added Specials

Name Command Input Properties
Axel Charge [ Button-B ] Button-F (A)Button-a or (B)Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
TKO Combo QCB (A)Button-a or (B)Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
Talking Shit (B)Button-b+(Y)Button-y Uses 500 Power

Modified Hypers

Name Command Input Properties
Bust U Up
Axel Rush
QCF (X)Button-x+(Y)Button-y
Button-B HCB Button-F (A)Button-a+(Y)Button-y
Uses 2000 or 1000 Power depending on the amount of Power in the gauge
Requires low Life

Uses 0 Power

Added Hypers

Name Command Input Properties
Whirlwind Breaker QCB (X)Button-x+(Y)Button-y Uses 2000 or 1000 Power depending on the amount of Power in the gauge
Name Command Input Properties
Axel Fury QCF (A)Button-a+(B)Button-b Uses 2000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
The Showstopper QCB (A)Button-a+(B)Button-b Uses 2000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Talkin Big Shit QCF (X)Button-x+(A)Button-a Uses 3000 Power

Palette Gallery

Unchanged from original version.

Victory quotes

Unchanged from original version.