Asha on the box art of Monster World IV



Oldest version

RoySquadRocks' version (2015)

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RoySquadRocks' version (2015)


Monster World 4

Asha is a heroine from the Japan exclusive Sega Genesis game, Monster World IV.

Asha is an adventurer whose ultimate goal is to free the elemental spirits, their pleas being what spurred her onto her journey in the first place. She mainly carries around a sword and a shield, and occasionally a bomb to clear away rocks blocking her way. Asha also has a pet Pepelogoo, a small fictional species of animal, that she can use to hover, jump higher, and throw to reach treasures she could not reach herself. The Pepelogoo is blue, which is extremely rare, as most of the blue ones were killed off in the past. Not much is known about her personality-wise, as she mostly just stays silent.

In M.U.G.E.N, Asha was made by RoySquadRocks.

RoySquadRocks's version


The protagonist of the final Monster Land/World game fights her opponent with any weapon she has on hand: be it her sword, her shield, her Pepelogoo, and even some odd choices for attack, like dousing her foes with a bucket of water. Her moveset might be rather limited, but her crazy attacks, unpredictability and rough hard A.I. setting will keep an average player at bay.