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Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson
Artwork from The King of Fighters XIII



Oldest version

Meta Gouki's version (2004)

Newest version

Chazzanova's version (2013)


The King of Fighters

Ash Crimson is a character from The King of Fighters franchise, and is the eponymous character of the Tales of Ash arc of games in the franchise.

A cunning and sneaky young man wielding strange green flames, Ash Crimson initially enters the King of Fighters 2003 tournament with Duo Lon and Shen Woo. However, not long after the tournament begins, he begins to double-cross quite a lot of people - his teammates, the Three Sacred Treasures team of Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami and Chizuru Kagura, and eventually the whole group of Those From The Past.

In M.U.G.E.N, Ash Crimson has been made many times by various authors.

Meta Gouki's version


The second ever The King of Fighters 2003 conversion, released after the same creator's attempt at Malin from the same game. The very first version of Ash seems to deviate from the source more than intended, containing a launcher that can't really be chained into, no charge motions or Command Normals, and a very unbalanced combo system.


Helios' version


Based off Ash's debut game, this version is for the most part, accurate to The King of Fighters 2003, but also has multiple system modifications foir the better. Ash may not have too many Specials, but has many Command Normals that give it an unparalleled rushdown game, a rare statement for a charge character. The A.I even takes advantage of this.

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