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Arthur Read
Arthur Read
Artwork of Arthur




Jedipolice's version (Old)
Mugenfan's version (Old)
Rapthemonkey9's version



Arthur Timothy Read is the main protagonist of both the book series, Arthur and the PBS children's television show of the same name. On the show, he is eight years old. His life consists of being tutored in Mr. Ratburn's third grade class and living in Elwood City.

In M.U.G.E.N he has been made by various creators, but some of these are poorly sprited and most of them aren't very good.

Jedipolice's version (Old)

Arthur Jedipolice

This was the first incarnation of Arthur. He was created by Jedipolice. This Arthur is not well made or liked because he's a spriteswap of Bugs Bunny.

Mugenfan's version (Old)


This Arthur uses the pocket template. It's slightly better than Jedipolice's version but it has very poorly drawn sprites, plus the fact that Arthur's head changes shape and his body becomes oddly swerved when perfoming moves. Some of the sprites are edited out of Blue Aardvark, while others are made out of sprite edits from Jedipolice's Old Arthur and the old version of Daniel. It has some missing animations that cause him to disappear. Mugenfan claimed that he hates this character, and also, his AI is spammy and brutal.

Jedipolice's version (New)


This Arthur is an edit of Mugenfan's version. Jedipolice commented on the video called "Mugenfan Mugen Ironman vs Mordecai Plus a Note" (which can't be viewed anymore due to the close of Mugenfan's YouTube account) and said that he could code now, so Mugenfan gave him Arthur.

Zobbes' version

In Zobbes' roster, it's seen that Zobbes made an Arthur. The version is as now a Kung Fu Man edit that was canceled. He gave it to rapthemonkey9, which he edited to make his own version.

Rapthemonkey9's version


Though it's made by Rapthemonkey9, it was originally being made by Zobbes, who decided to cancel it and give what he had to Rapthemonkey9. It uses Kung Fu Man as a base and has coding taken from WlanmaniaX's Rigby edit. There is a glitch where Arthur can get stuck in an unhittable "electrocuted" animation that can make it impossible to defeat him normally.



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