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"The Lich King"
"Tremble, and know your doom!"


Zuhukanah and viniel13




Warcraft 3

Arthas, the Lich King from World of Warcraft. He comes with an Insane Boss Mode. Zuhukanah is still working on him.

Arthas AKA The Lich King have created by Zuhukanah and ☀viniel13


King Arthas has very strong abilities that may kill the player easily. He is able to summon 3 of his Scourge Minions in battle:

Ghoul - A suicidal Ghoul that runs in the way that Arthas (the Lich King) was looking at when summoned. When you hit the Ghoul or stand near him, He will suicide. Also, they might explode on contact with one another, as stated in the video. However, you can dodge the Ghouls by jumping behind the Ghoul and attack it.

Geist - A zombie that attacks you, the player, as it pleases. You cannot control this certain minion, however. It is said to be able to kill some to most characters.

Lich (Kel'Thuzad) - The Lich (Possibly Kel'Thuzad), is a minion that usually comes usually when Arthas is about to die. He can cast these moves;

Shield - A purple shield, which grants Arthas temporary invincibility.

Unholy Influence - Showed as a .jpg in the corner, this greatly empowers the Lich King, improving his moves, summons, and ect.

2 Ghouls is able to spawn in time, like they usually do.

3 Geists will form in battle.

2 Liches will spawn over the course of the battle.

After he dies in this form, the player will be transported to a icey-wasteland, where the player will have to fight him once more. Arthas shall cast a varities of moves (As noted in the video) until he stops, and dies (AT LAST!) The ice surrounding the edges will fall overtime, so some characters might fall through (Due to a glitch.) the ground. This is only available in Insane Boss Mode.