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ToonAlexSora007 & Jarquin10

Oldest version

ToonAlexSora007 & Jarquin10's version (2014)

Newest version

ToonAlexSora007 & Jarquin10's version (2014)


Hey Arnold!

Arnold Shortman is the main character who appears in the popular show Hey Arnold!. He is a 4th grader who lives with his grandparents Phil and Gertrude in a boarding house known as Sunset Arms. Arnold is described as an optimistic, ideal, and kind person who helps his friends even if the situation seems pointless or ridiculous. He likes to listen to jazz.

In M.U.G.E.N, Arnold has been made by ToonAlexSora007 with help from Jarquin10 who made sprites for the character. He is also a playable character on Bane84's Team Nicktoon character.

ToonAlexSora007 & Jarquin10's version

New Arnold Stance

After years of being only part of a mash-up character, this football-headed kid finally decided to separate to fight alone. A Marvel vs. Capcom-inspired character that makes use of six buttons and has a projectile-oriented moveset.

Hey Arnold!
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