The most recent version of Apocalypse made uses custom sprites instead of the ones from X-Men vs. Street Fighter. The character is more like a regular character and not a giant boss. This Apocalypse also features a unique voice unlike the previous versions.

Apocalypse (Apocalypse)
MMV Apocalypse portrait
Character portrait


RobiWanKenObi, Cravd & MMV Team


Mugen Multiverse




MMV Apoc anim

In its current form, Apocalypse has a weak A.I. (likely the default), being easily defeated. However, it has a full set of moves which include seven Hypers. Two of Apocalypse's Hypers augment its size reminiscent of his original boss type sprites. Apocalypse also has a taunt where he mirrors his opponents likeness.







This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this!

Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Laser Pulse QCF Button-xyz ProjAirok
(X)Button-xVersion: crouched
(Y)Button-yVersion: standing
(Z)Button-zVersion: standing and anti-air
In-air Version: downward diagonal
MMV Apocalypse Laser Pulse 2MMV Apocalypse Pulse Beam
MMV Apocalypse Laser PulseMMV Apocalypse Pulse Beam
MMV Apocalypse Laser Pulse 3MMV Apocalypse Pulse Beam diag
Name Command Input Properties
Drill Attack DP Button-xyz Knockdown
(X)Button-xVersion: vertical
(Y)Button-yVersion: horizontal short-range
(Z)Button-zVersion: horizontal long-range
MMV Apocalypse Drill 1
MMV Apocalypse Drill 2
MMV Apocalypse Drill 3
Name Command Input Properties
Energy Spheres QCB Button-xyz Proj
(X)Button-xVersion: 1 large sphere
(Y)Button-yVersion: 2 medium spheres
(Z)Button-zVersion: 3 small spheres
MMV Apocalypse Energy Spheres LPCannon shot 3
MMV Apocalypse Energy Spheres MPCannon shot 2Cannon shot 2
MMV Apocalypse Energy Spheres HPCannon shot 1Cannon shot 1Cannon shot 1
Name Command Input Properties
Shockwaves QCF Button-abc
Name Command Input Properties
Giant Stomp QCB Button-abc
Name Command Input Properties
Teleport RDP Button-abc Invincible
MMV Apocalypse Teleport
Name Command Input Properties
Impale QCF Button-abc Aironly
Name Command Input Properties
Hammer Crush QCB Button-xyz Aironly


Name Command Input Properties
Ancient Artillery QCF Button-xyz2 ProjKnockdown
Uses 1000 power

MMV Apocalypse Ancient Artillery Hyper 1MMV Apocalypse Ancient Artillery Effect 1
MMV Apocalypse Ancient Artillery Hyper 2MMV Apocalypse Ancient Artillery Effect 2
MMV Apocalypse Ancient Artillery Hyper 3MMV Apocalypse Ancient Artillery Impact

Name Command Input Properties
Energizer Attack QCB Button-xyz2
Name Command Input Properties
The 4 Horsemen QCB Button-xyz+Button-abc Not available if opponent is Archangel, Sunfire, Polaris or Deathbird
Name Command Input Properties
Immortality QCF Button-abc2
Name Command Input Properties
Energy Globe DP Button-xyz2
Name Command Input Properties
Molecular Manipulation QCB Button-abc2
Name Command Input Properties
Power Blast QCF Button-xyz2 Aironly

Palette Gallery

MMV Apocalypse Pal01
MMV Apocalypse Pal02
MMV Apocalypse Pal03
Apoc01 Apoc02 Apoc03
MMV Apocalypse Pal04
MMV Apocalypse Pal05
MMV Apocalypse Pal06
Apoc04 Apoc05 Apoc06

Victory quotes


I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you.
The time of Apocalypse is at hand!
How many people have dreamed of my end?
As your world passes away, we shall forge a new one in fire and blood!
You are not fit to survive! I am eternal.
Am I doomed to struggle with such, FILTH until the end of time?
I am the rocks of the Eternal shore, crash against me and be broken!



  • This is the first time Apocalypse has been made playable in a "normal" size.
  • The sprites are based on the original MvC Apocalypse's intro although they are custom made.
  • Apocalypse also returns to its giant size in one of its victory poses.


This character has not been edited.

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