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Ao Oni
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Ao Oni as it appears in Ao Oni



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iiotoko's version


Ao Oni

Ao Oni (literally Blue Demon) is a purple demon from the Japanese survival horror puzzle RPG of the same name.

Ao Oni's appearance is a purplish-blue like monster with a large, distorted human face and is quite large in comparison to the main character in the game. It retains the same bemused expression and almost never changes its face until it eats you. Ao Oni is the main villain of the game in which you have to escape the mansion it lives in before it gets you. There are many versions of this game, some of which you can save your friends. However, in the latest versions, they are killed by Ao Oni and turn into clones of it. The game gained many parodies which play similar to the regular game, but with many changes. One example of these parodies is one where the face of Ao Oni is replaced by a purple South Park face.

In M.U.G.E.N, it was created by iiotoko.

iiotoko's version


Ao Oni's primary goal is unchanged from its source as it attempts to catch the opponent and devour them, naturally resulting in an instant K.O.; for the opponent, their objective is to stay as far away from it as possible and survive for a set duration, after which the blue demon disappears and the opponent wins.



  • Ao Oni makes an appearance in The_None's Giygas as a minigame. You have to constantly press down to stop the closet doors from shutting, but you also must not let the door open completely while you are hiding in the closet.