Anti-Gouki Project
A showcase of all the characters present in this project




Newest Version/Release Date

January 5th, 2013

The Anti-Gouki Project is a project in the making by Basara-kun. It features many Gouki-like characters, each one with a different fighting style, based off of various other characters. The first public beta was released in January 5th, 2013.


"In the year 20XX, a mad scientist, expert in clonation, decided to make clones of the most known powerful fighter of all: Akuma/Gouki. And to avoid these ones were just a simple copy, each clone was implanted with different fighting styles, all of this were made with the objective of spread them to the cities and make the total chaos and rule the world. But to determinate which is the most powerful of all, he puts the clones into his own private tournament to see which one will be the first in start the invasion."


This project features 16 unique Gouki clones (the ones marked with a * are available for download at this moment):

  • Kung Fu Fan (*)
  • Powerless One (*)
  • Electric Shotokan
  • The Incredible Akuma
  • Gouki Higashi (*)
  • Another Karateka
  • The Projectile (*)
  • Ryuken (*)
  • Saiyajin
  • The Ripper
  • Ice Warrior
  • Metallic One
  • Fire Demon
  • Savage Akuma
  • King Gouki
  • Slam Master


The game will have 3 unselectable and secret bosses (one of them a bonus stage)


The game uses open-source stages from various creators:

  • Elevator
  • Airport
  • N.Y. City Skyline
  • Grand Finale
  • Shin Gouki stage
  • Wolverine's Dead
  • Power Generation Room
  • Military Elevator

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