In M.U.G.E.N, Anti-Cheap refers to character abilities that allow it to detect a Cheap Character opponent and immediately dispatch it via increased cheapness. These measures are built in by character makers to ensure that their characters are not steamrolled over, to make a stand against the cheapness of other creators' characters or simply as an additional ability to help deal with such characters.


The M.U.G.E.N engine allows characters to check details of the enemy, including, but not limited to:

  • Life
  • Power
  • Name
  • Author
  • Attack & Defence Stats

Anti-cheap measures often check these values to see how much they deviate from the normal 1000 Life, 3000 Power and 100 Attack and Defence. They may also match the character's name against an internally programmed database of cheap characters and character creators known for being cheap.


Often, when any of these triggers are detected, a variable in the character is engaged, allowing it to use a Special Attack or enter a special mode that allows it to handle the cheap character easily. Some character creators opt to have their characters execute an instant kill attack on the cheap character while others have their characters become so cheap as to match the opponent or outright outcheap the opponent and win the match.


  • Dirty Kung Fu Man drops a nuke on his opponent if anti-cheap activates.
  • Kung Fu Bender becomes invincible.
  • Mecha Scorpio ramps up the damage on its attacks to instant kill damage.
  • 20000 covers most of the screen with a huge laser that instantly K.O.s the opponent.
  • Inazumachi has an Anti-Cheap/Nuke mode that makes it completely invincible and has an attack that can instantly K.O. all regular characters and most of the cheap ones.
  • Most of JNG's edits have anti-cheap modes which make his edits invincible or have no hitbox at all.
  • Alosson's Black and White Kyurem feature anti-cheap modes to highly cheap characters such as Omega Tom Hanks.
  • Ronald McDonald goes into a fairly cheap state when fighting Dirty Kung Fu Man or any hentai character.
  • Evil Donald goes into Impure mode when fighting cheap characters such as Rare Akuma.
  • Super C Final boss starts spamming bullets endlessly until the opponent is K.O'd.
  • Most of Black Kyurem/ABSOLUTE-Yveltal's edits have an anti-cheap state where they become F1 proof, deal OHKO on hit, using full screen projectiles and the use of Reversals. This variable is usually triggered when facing an extremely cheap character like Killer Colonel and is shown by a small Explod which appears above the character.
  • Omega Tiger Woods '08 will go into a state where he's invincible and also gets unlimited Power if he fights characters such as Super Mario 64.
  • FourthRhyme's Papyrus will go into a state called 'Soul Mode' where all of his attacks spawn a helper, even the Portal Kombat ones, and he becomes invulnerable for a few seconds to regenerate.