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Angry German Kid


NeinCatAGK (Edit)


Yagoshi's Version
BK's Version



Leopold Slikk is a kid from Bergisches Land, Germany. For a while, he made videos as his persona, 'Der Echte Gangster' or mostly known as the Angry German Kid on YouTube. His popularity grew after he made a video where he gets angry while playing Unreal Tournament and lets his anger out on his keyboard, earning him the nickname Keyboard Crasher in Japan. On the internet, people have used them in parodies and humorous edits, (ex: Super Mario 64, Call Of Duty, Cat Mario) and still are today. They have subtitles, so that it's like Angry German Kid is actually saying it to make videos more humorous. In MUGEN, there are currently only three available versions of him to download. One made by SC1614, One made by Yagoshi, and another made by BK and a edited version of BK's version by NeinCatAGK.

SC1614's VersionEdit


This version (called in-game Leopold) is the worst of the three. It only has 3 attacks by attacking with a keyboard & 1 hyper, Its sprites are photo shot.

Yagoshi's VersionEdit


Yagoshi's version is just a joke character using Kung Fu Man as a base.

BK's VersionEdit

Crasher AGK3

This version of Angry German Kid is a apocalypse sized character using custom sprites.

NeinCatAGK's EditEdit

Crasher AGK3

This version is just an edit from BK Angry German Kid. This version is also overpowered due to OHKO.


  • Life : 3000
  • Power : 3000
  • Attack 1200 (500 on black edition)
  • Defense : 100


  • Yu Toharu's Hatsune Miku and King Fancy Man had him as a hyper. She had him smashing the keyboard while King Fancy Man had him stabbing a toy cow using an pencil while laughing maniacally.


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