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Alphys UT
Alphys as she appears in UNDERTALE



Oldest version

FourthRhyme's first version (2016)

Newest version

FourthRhyme's second version (2017)



Alphys is a major character in the turn-based RPG UNDERTALE. She is the Royal Scientist and has a great fondness of anime. Alphys is a shy, insecure lizard-like monster that lives in Hotland. She is Asgore's Royal Scientist, a title she gained by creating Mettaton. She has love for anime and manga, and is one of the few monsters to actually like humans. She has romantic feelings for Undyne, leader of the Royal Guard, and often writes stories of them together, "sharing a domestic life." She originally wanted to stop the protagonist, but began to grow attached to them, wanting to help instead.

Alphys was responsible for the Determination experiments that resulted in the creation of the Amalgamates from the deceased bodies of monsters who perished in the underground, an act that she considers her gravest sin, thus becoming a pathological liar out of fear that people would hate her if she were to be completely honest about herself. During the events of the Pacifist route, she eventually overcomes her weakness with the help of the protagonist, learning to be honest with herself and making the existence of the Amalgamates known to the public; during some of the Neutral route's endings, however, it is strongly implied that she became so overwhelmed by her fears that she ultimately commits suicide.

In M.U.G.E.N, Alphys has been made twice by FourthRhyme; the second version is an Easter-themed modification of his first, named Egghead Alphys.

FourthRhyme's first versionEditicon


Made with custom sprites edited from their UNDERTALE originals, FourthRhyme's Alphys has a quirky moveset that revolves around summoning assists in the form of either Undyne or the Amalgamates. Alphys not being an opponent in the source game is accurately reflected here, as many of her attacks either do pitiful amounts of damage, have risks far greater than their rewards, or flat out put Alphys in a disadvantageous position.

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