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This article is about a character from Touhou Project. For the creator of the same name, see Aℓicℯ Margatroid (creator). For other uses of Alice, see Alice (disambiguation).

Alice Margatroid
Alice as she appears in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody



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RicePigeon's version (2013)


Touhou Project

Alice Margatroid is a doll-controlling magician from Touhou Project who lives in the Forest of Magic. She first appeared as both the Stage 3 Boss and Extra Stage Boss in Mystic Square and later appeared in Perfect Cherry Blossom, again as the Stage 3 Boss, with her subsequent apperances having her as a playable character.

Alice's backstory differs between the PC-98 Touhou Project games and the Windows-era Touhou games. In the PC-98 games, she is one of many of Shinki's creations residing in Makai. In the Windows-era games, she is a former human who became a magician, yet still exhibits human-like behaviors. In both incarnations, she carries with her a sealed grimoire known as "The Grimoire of Alice", which allows her to produce the ultimate magic. In the Windows-era games, she prefers to hold back her true power during fights, instead relying on strategy, and thus keeps the grimoire sealed at all times. Her main specialty is doll creation, which not only act as servants but also as her primary weapons in combat, the most notable being her trademark Shanghai Dolls. As a magician, she is constantly researching on how to use magic to create a completely autonomous doll, which she has so far failed to accomplish.

In M.U.G.E.N, Alice has been made by various authors. Many of Alice's attacks involve the use of the Shanghai Doll, who has also been made as a standalone M.U.G.E.N character.

MLiconRicePigeon's version


This version of Alice is not comfortable with getting up close and personal to fight opponents, preferring instead to cower behind a platoon of weapon wielding dolls that do most of the fighting on the character's behalf; furthermore, Alice won't even think twice about launching a doll packed with explosives towards the foe and gleefully watch it blow up in their face.

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