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HOLD ON! This article contains information about a W.I.P. character or a pre-release beta. More info will be posted as soon as it comes to light.

Alex Kidd
Artwork from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing







Alex Kidd made his debut in the 1986 classic "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" for the Sega Master System. He was SEGA's first true mascot up until 1991 when "Sonic the Hedgehog" debuted on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, becoming SEGA's new mascot.

Alex Kidd was converted to M.U.G.E.N by OrochiWeapon2000 in June 2006.


Alex Kidd was a 7 button character: (4 attack buttons, 2 shortcut keys, and a "taunt" button). Sprites were ripped directly from "Alex Kidd in Miracle World", then edited (fairly heavily) to create brand new animations for the character, in addition to adding more colors to the character's clothes, skin, and other objects, allowing for more palette options. A number of the items used in the original game were converted into Special Move or Super Move attacks, including the use of the Power Bracelet, as well as the Sukopako Motorcycle and Peticopter vehicles. "Janken", the name of the mini-game played before battling each of the game's bosses, was changed into a 3-part special attack and renamed "Janken Combination". All attacks and moves were performed in typical Street Fighter/King of Fighters fashion (i.e. - qcf + X/Y = Power Bracelet).

Alex Kidd is currently an ongoing Work-in-Progress, and is scheduled to be re-released sometime in April or May 2012.

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