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Akuma Sfxt Plain
Artwork from Street Fighter x Tekken




G.D.T's version (SSF2T)
G.D.T's version (SFA2)
M.M.R's version (SFA3)
GM's version (SF3)
Jessica Smoke's version (SFM)
Warusaki3's version (CvS)
Gonzo's version (SvC)
Darkcipherlucius's version (MvC)
Vyn's version (MvC + custom)
SFA voicepack for Vyn's version
Master Gouken's version (SFA3 + CVS2)
Mr.Ansatsuken´s version (MvC3 + CvS2)
CyberAkumaTv's Akuma (SSF3)
CyberAkumaTv's Akuma 1.0 (SSF3 + Resurrection and Shin Akuma)
ShinZankuro's version
thecrazyvoid's THE SUPER CHEAP GOUKI


Street Fighter

Akuma (known as Gouki in Japan) is Gouken's brother, and a student of Goutetsu, who taught them both the art of the Satsui No Hado. Gouken left Goutetsu's dojo after he became aware that Satsui no Hado was an evil energy. Akuma, however, searching to become the strongest figther in the world, pursued the path of the Satsui no Hadou, becoming an almost demonic-looking figure. After killing his master Goutetsu in a fair fight, Akuma seeks to completely master the Hado, and for such he searches for strong opponent to which he can have a fight to the death. He eventually learned that Ryu has a latent Satsui no Hado ability, so he tries to make Ryu follow it's path, though Ryu, knowing it is an evil power, struggles to get rid of it.

Akuma has a twisted moral code, as he himself does not challenge anyone and refuses to fight with anyone he perceives as being weak, since all of his fights are intended to be fights to the death. He also avoids using his full potential to avoid ending fights prematurely.

In M.U.G.E.N, Akuma has been made by various creators.

Mr.Ansatsuken's version

Mr.Ansatsuke's Akuma Stance

This Akuma character has custom gameplay, with 5 Modes: Akuma, Cyber Akuma, Oni, Shin Akuma and Shinjin Oni, 100 Win Quotes in English and another 100 in Spanish, a brutal AI, pretty much every last Akuma move ever seen in video games, winane A.I. method and special animations. However, it only works for M.U.G.E.N 1.0.

GM's version


This Akuma is closely accurate to the original game. It also has a Shin mode accessed by pressing the start button and any attack buttons. He has two secret super arts, only useable with a full super meter: Raging Demon and Kongou Kokuretsu Zan. Like others GM's Street Fighter characters, you can select one of his Super Arts, or use then at the same time (Except Shun Goku Satsu and Kongou Kokuretsu Zan). It's available for WINMugen and MUGEN 1.0.

Vyn's version

Vyn gouki stance

Vyn's version has MvC2 effects but the hitsparks and voice are from CvS. The gameplay is custom-made, and this version of Akuma can do air combos.

There's also a SFA/MVC2 voicepack by MultiJosueh for this Akuma.

Master Gouken's version

Mg akuma stance

Master Gouken's version has SFA3 effects but with the CvS2's transparency. The gameplay is custom-made, and this version of Akuma has the SFA3 and Cvs2's Voice and Sound Effects.

Feliniki's version


Feliniki's Akuma captures the gameplay of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, while incorporating several modes.


See also

  • Rare Akuma - A joke version of Akuma with massive damage outputs, easy infinites, and various references and clichés
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