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Aerith Gainsborough
Official Artwork of Aerith from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-


The Great Matsutzu


The Great Matsutzu's version


Final Fantasy VII

Aerith Gainsborough (originally known as Aeris Gainsborough in the earlier versions of Final Fantasy VII) is a character from the Final Fantasy series, first appearing as a descendant of the Cetra in Final Fantasy VII. She makes other appearances throughout later installments of Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, both in in spirit form and through flashback sequences.

Aerith is the biological daughter of Shinra Corporation's Professor Gast Faremis and his Cetra wife Ifalna. Having defected from Shinra after learning the truth from his wife about the origins of the extraterrestrial entity known as Jenova, Professor Gast was hunted down and killed by Shinra's forces on the orders of his former colleague Professor Hojo; Ifalna and Aerith were subsequently captured and experimented on due to their Cetra origins. At the age of 7, Aerith and her mother managed to escape Shinra's headquarters; Ifalna was fatally wounded during their escape, but not before entrusting care of Aerith to Elmyra Gainsborough, who found the two at a train station in Sector 7. During the events of Final Fantasy VII, Aerith meets Cloud Strife and joins him on his pursuit of Sephiroth, whom they track down to the Temple of the Ancients where Aerith uses her half-Cetra nature to discover the temple's true nature as the Black Materia: a materia that can summon the ultimate black magic, Meteor, to destroy the planet. Believing herself to be the only one capable of stopping Sephiroth, she makes her way to the Forgotten Capital, where she is murdered by Jenova's shapeshifted body under Sephiroth's control.

In M.U.G.E.N, Aerith has been made by The Great Matsutzu using custom sprites.

The Great Matsutzu's version

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Aeris is more of a supporter type character than a fighter. It's best to partner her up with another character. Her main means of attacking is casting materia magic against her opponent for some damage (fire1, ice1, and lit1) and call in Red XIII to bite her opponent.

Her specials are based on her Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy, which are defense based. None of them really harm the opponent, but do help her partner for most of the fight. Some these passive abilities include healing, raising the power bar to the maximum, and a few others.

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