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Advent Cirno
Artwork of Advent Cirno






Advent Cirno doujinshi, Touhou Project, Final Fantasy

Advent Cirno is a combination of Cirno from Touhou Project and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, and main protagonist of the Touhou Project doujinshi of the same name. She has 2-6 swords, and her primary swords are a blade with coloration resembling a slice of watermelon, and a sword resembling a Popsicle stick with some Japanese text on it. Of these two, she uses the former more often.

In M.U.G.E.N, Advent Cirno has been made by Pre-to.


As is usual for most, if not all of Pre-To's characters, Advent Cirno is considerably stronger than the average character. She has a five-button setup, with three buttons used for attacks with her sword(s), one for assists featuring variations of Hong Meiling and Reisen Udongein Inaba, and one to switch between two different attack sets, one of which utilizes only her watermelon sword, and the other using both of her preferred blades. Both movesets are slower than average and somewhat limited by themselves, as she lacks any crouching attacks, but powerful. When using two swords, they are slightly faster and also can use devastating multi-hit attacks. Her supers/hypers are invariably extremely powerful and capable of taking more than half of an opponent's health off. Despite these advantages, the slowness to their attacks and limited versatility make them difficult to play as in certain situations.

Her AI is extremely strong and virtually unbeatable in most situations, a trait shared by all of Pre-To's characters.

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