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Unofficial artwork of Abyss's first (middle), second (foreground), and third (background) Forms from Marvel vs. Capcom 2


Kung Fu Man (Creator)


Kung Fu Man's versions*
Sludge's version
Xslaught's version


Marvel vs. Capcom

Abyss (also known as the Armor of Erosion) is the main antagonist and final boss of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Plot-wise, Abyss is responsible for a strange and mysterious wind that spread across the globe causing the plant-life to wither and die off. Due to this situation, the heroes and villains band up together to figure out this issue and stop the behemoth.

Abyss sports three different forms, each with their own set of attacks. All three forms have been made for M.U.G.E.N by Kung Fu Man (Creator) from Random Select, Sludge and Xslaught.

Kung Fu Man's version

Form 1

Abyss's first form is a giant behemoth with green horns and a massive black armor, and has the best defense out of the three. He has super armor and has a weakness towards attacks with multiple hits. His attacks are wide-range and can't get interrupted, therefore you must either avoid them or block the best you can.

Form 2

After Abyss falls down in defeat, His armor melts as he turns into a goo-like being who uses beam projectiles. The beams must be ducked under by crouching or blocked and if that's not enough, he can do a wide spread projectile spam and can spawn bubbles which paralyze the player, leaving them open for attack. Arguably the hardest of the 3 due to the chip damage you may receive while blocking.

Form 3

Abyss turns into a monstrous big red monster after his 2nd form melts that has wide-area (near full screen) attacks. He can warp through the floor and attack from off-screen, his damage is incredibly high but attacks with noticeably less frequency than his first 2 forms. Some versions of the character allow you to damage his orb instead of the main body if you wish.

Xslaught's version

This Abyss fights just like the original Abyss. However, he has the ability to separate into two versions of himself. Xslaught's Abyss actually stays true to the original game version.


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