A-Bomb's Sprite


Ced Soum


Ironcommando's version
A-Bomb MK2 (Click link that says アマボム)



A-Bomb (standing for Atomic Bomb) is an original joke character created by Ironcommando. Its only move is a screen-wide nuclear explosion that is triggered on attacking, landing from a jump, or getting "hit". This is unblockable and kills almost all characters instantly. It can reverse almost any attack and even defeat the 2nd Death Star. It uses the OTHK but lacks the F1 Killer.

Due to A-Bomb's presence, many people have criticized it for being too cheap and being able to defeat anything. Many cheap character creators have found a loophole in A-Bomb, and they update their characters to defeat it accordingly (ironically using a modification of its own code), like with the case of Arc or ONI-MIKO-ZERO. A-Bomb has subsequently lost its reputation of being the cheapest character since, but is still arguably the instigator of the "uber-cheap" war, along with the 2nd Death Star.

A-Bomb MK2

A-Bomb Mk 2

A-Bomb MK2 is almost like the original A-Bomb, but with kill coding involving the NULL state controller. Its killing code was updated to affect characters the original A-Bomb could not kill.


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